Amendments to MARPOL Annex VI were adopted at the 62nd session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 62) held in July 2011 that make Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMP) mandatory from 1 January 2013. Then, all ships including existing ships are will be required to retain SEEMP onboard on or after 1 January 2013.
ClassNK Consulting Service Co., Ltd. (NKCS) offers "Development of SEEMP" including providing a standard form (SEEMP Template) developed by us and to take "Statement of Fact" (SOF) which affirms that SEEMP satisfactory set forth in IMO Guidelines instead of applicant.


IMO has continued to discuss the "technical reduction measures" and "operational reduction measures" as first generation regulations for reducing CO2 emissions. SEEMP belongs to the later, and should be retained onboard by Initial Survey of International Energy Efficiency Certificate (IEE) (For existing ships, SEEMP should be available onboard by the first intermediate/renewal survey of the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (IAPP) on or after 1 January 2013) to all ships, including existing ships that are 400 GT (TM69) or over, engaged in international voyages.
SEEMP is a management document intended to help improve energy efficiency onboard ship through improvement of ship operations (such as slowing down speed, route planning with taking sea conditions and currents into account, proper maintenance, etc), and strives to promote continuous improvement of energy efficiency of ship operations through a four step cycle of "Planning", "Implementation", "Monitoring" and "Self-evaluation and Improvement" taking IMO guidelines into account.

Development of SEEMP

SEEMP is to be developed based on energy efficiency improvement measures according to actual situation of fleet owned by each owner, taking relevant IMO guidelines (see Resolution MEPC.213(63)) into account. While approval of SEEMP by Flag state or RO is not required, shippers and others in chain of marine stakeholders may request approved SEEMP by a qualified third party, such as an RO. Therefore, development of SEEMP should be requested to document compliance with the IMO's guidelines.

Consulting Service for Development of SEEMP

SEEMP involves a wide range of details. Therefore, shipowners should consider details of ship-specific SEEMP, such as selection of operational measures to be covered, goal setting, and similar factors taking corporate policy into account. In order to support shipowners' smooth development of SEEMP for ships in their fleet, (and to obtain an incentive to improve energy efficiency), we offer "Development of SEEMP" including from providing a SEEMP Template developed by us to assistance with obtaining SOF (evidence of compliance to third parties).

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