Consulting service for steel coil transport

When preparing to stow steel coils in a cargo hold, various factors such as the type of steel coil and the number of tiers / dunnage have to be taken into consideration to determine the permissible cargo load. However, in most cases, loading manuals and cargo securing manuals alone are not a suitable enough guide. Moreover, it requires time and effort for cargo planners to perform calculations through their own efforts and if the wrong approach has been taken, they may end up with deformation of the inner bottom structure. We at ClassNK Consulting Service offer you high quality service for the safer and more efficient transportation of steel coil.

The scope of service

We prepare an allowable steel coil loading table which differs depending on the vessel by using strength calculation software.
This table contains various comprehensive combinations of prerequisites and enables you to deal with every situation.

For more information about consulting service of SEEMP, please contact us at the following e-mail :

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