Superintendent Services

We dispatch an experienced technical superintendent on behalf of the shipowner

ClassNK Consulting Service has engineers who are well versed in classification rules and international conventions, as well as experienced personnel from ship companies and shipyards to provide high-quality superintendent services on behalf of shipowners, ranging from reviewing drawings, supervising the construction of new ships and providing support with retrofitting projects for existing ships.

Our achievements:

  1. Design review for:
    1. New buildings
    2. Installation of SOx Scrubbers and Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS)
  2. New building supervision:
    1. Superintendent services ranging from attending yard tests of main installations, construction, to sea trials and delivery.
    2. Spot dispatch of assistant superintendent for sea trials etc.
  3. Project supervision for existing ships:
    1. Dispatch of assistant superintendent for retrofit work for the installation of BWMS in China
    2. Damage analysis
  4. Other services

Scope of Work:

We provide a variety of services to suit your needs.

Design review

  1. Our engineers, who are well versed in the fields of hull, machinery, and electrical systems, review new shipbuilding drawings submitted by shipyards on behalf of shipowners. In addition to verifying conformity with construction specifications, we also review from the perspective of a user with a shipowner background and improve quality with a shipyard background.
  2. We provide drawing review services and plans for retrofitting projects involving the installation of SOx scrubbers and Ballast Water Management Systems.

New building supervision

  1. We offer superintendent services ranging from attending yard tests of main installations and construction, to sea trials and delivery.
    -1. Our superintendents are all ex-shipyard and ex-shipowner engineers with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
    -2. Our superintendents are engaged not only in Japanese shipyards but also at Chinese and Korean shipyards, where they bring their extensive experience of a broad range of ship types, including Bulk carriers and LNG carriers.
  2. We dispatch assistant superintendents for sea trials etc.

Project supervision for existing ships

  1. We dispatch assistant superintendents for retrofit work of BWMS.
    We would be happy to assist you in carrying out smooth construction by dispatching our highly experienced engineer as assistant superintendent.
  2. We conduct damage analysis in cooperation with professional engineers.

Other services

We are pleased to assist you with many other requests.

For more information about this service, please contact us at the following e-mail:

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