Superintendent Services for New Building Projects

ClassNK Consulting Service Co., Ltd. (NKCS) provides superintendents for new shipbuilding projects who can work on behalf of shipowners to handle a range "made-to-order" of services from review of drawings and plans to overseeing the many procedures needed to complete project successfully.
We also provide technical staffs who are well versed with requirements of classification rules and international conventions and can provide experienced former shipyard and shipowner company staff who can contribute to improving the quality of newbuildings as valuable assets.

Review of Drawings and Plans

Our technical staffs include hull, machinery and electrical system specialists who can review drawings and plans of shipyard on behalf of shipowners. We offer superintendent services to meet shipowner's needs by verifying plan specifications from perspectives of maintaining and improving quality as well as ensuring effectiveness of use by drawing upon the experience of former expert shipyard and shipowner personnel.

On-site Superintendent Services

Many procedures need to be done in order to complete newbuilding project successfully. We offer superintendent services ranging from attending yard tests of main installations, construction, to sea trials and delivery.
Our superintendents are all ex-shipyard and ex-shipowner staff experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience including PSPC who can draw upon vast survey expertise based on the latest convention requirements and technical knowledge in order to help realize the construction of a better vessel, as well as taking Health, Safety and Environment into account with original HSE Plan.

Extensive Experience

Our superintendents are engaged not only in Japanese shipyards but also at Chinese and Korean shipyards, where they bring extensive experience of a broad range of ship types, including Bulk carriers and LNG carriers.

Aggressive Expansion

We provide these services in order to meet shipowner's needs including the review of drawings and plans, and superintendent for newbuilding based on a wealth of knowledge and experience drawn from marine industries like shipowning, shipbuilding.
Further, we also provide not only hull construction superintendents, but also a more comprehensive package of services ranging from review of drawings and plans to superintendence tailored to meet shipowner requirements.
We are dedicated to meeting shipowners' needs whether they be in Japan or anywhere in the world.

Brochure(Superintendents for new shipbuilding projects) [PDF:256KB]  

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