Fuel economy, combined with environmental aspects, is the most important challenge facing ship owners, operators and ship builder today. Optimizing fuel efficiency through improved operational technologies and measures can make difference between success and failure in today's marketplace.
ClassNK-NAPA GREEN has been released as the new solutions for Energy Savings by ClassNK Consulting Service Co., Ltd. (NKCS). This new solutions; offers a comprehensive solution to reduce fuel costs and emissions, and help ship owners and operators to comply with SEEMP regulation.

Comprehensive Software Solutions for Eco-Efficiency Operations

ClassNK-NAPA GREEN provides a total solution for the planning, monitoring and follow-up of ship operations. The solution uses a physically accurate dynamic performance model which is fine-turned with advanced analysis of measured operational data.
ClassNK-NAPA GREEN provides operators with voyage operation for trim, weather routing and just-in-time arrival.
Real-time monitoring and post-voyage analysis service offer beneficial decision support, improved operational efficiency and increased awareness of matters affecting eco-efficiency.

ClassNK-NAPA GREEN enables ship owner to realize savings by providing tools for

  • Trim optimization,
  • Weather routing,
  • Speed optimization,
  • Monitoring,
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Web portal functionality indicating operational data and analysis data,
  • Hull cleaning and propeller cleaning / polishing evaluation, and
  • Creating actual SEEMP for continuous performance improvement
    while never compromising safety.

For more information about ClassNK-NAPA GREEN, please contact us at the following e-mail:

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